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January 30, 2012, 1:14 pm
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I posted the pics the other day of the cabin and chickens and rabbits, but forgot to mention the one pic of the tower and antenna is for my HAM radio setup.  I hope to be able one day to affford a YEASU FT-897 radio and a nice antenna. I also want to get (2) 123w solar panels and a charge controller, and a composting toilet would be awesome.  I really wish i could find a couple of corporate sponsors to donate these items to me, in return for reviews and product reccomendations. The solar setup i am trying to put together is just enough to charge a few 12v batteries so i can run (3) 12v lights, a 12v water pump, and the HAM radio gear, and in the summer a couple of the small 12v fans i have ( like the ones used in vehicles or school busses ).  The pic of the outhouse base is my design that i haven’t finished yet,  if i could get a composting toilet donated i would just make a solid floor and put the toilet in there, keeping it looking like an outhouse without alll the mess.  The only other big item i need is a 1500 gal water tank to setup the rest of my water supply system.  Oh well,   mabey someday .  who knows mabey i can win the lottery .


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