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i know its been…
January 28, 2012, 7:00 pm
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i know its been a while since i updated last, but i have been pretty busy with work and stuff.  My chickens are grown now and pumping out tons of eggs, One of my rabbits bred and had 5 babies but they all died,  so i bred it again last week to see what will happen.  The cabin is pretty much the same as it has been except i took most of the stuff out of it so i can polyurethane the walls to try and keep it from molding in there since there isn’t any heat except when i stay there.  I am working on finding a propane wall heater to install inside, as a backup heat source and to try to keep from killing my allergies so bad.  I also still have in the works a solar setup to charge the batteries to run all my 12v accessories. here are some of the pics i took today.  I even picked up 2 more of the 10 x 10 dog kennels to use for animal pens or possibly even fence around the cabin to keep the dog if necessary.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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Awesome progress! Thanks so much for the update

Comment by viggie

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